Garage Door Repair

Few things can be quite as frustrating as coming home from a long day at work and pulling into the driveway, to find your garage door get stuck while opening. You’re hungry, tired, and the last thing you want to be dealing with is not being able to get into your garage. When this happens, contact Up & Down Doors to help with garage repair for that faulty garage door.

There are many things that can go wrong with garage doors. You might need a garage door spring replacement or the problem could be electrical, mechanical, or even electronic, in the form of a malfunctioning garage door remote. Whatever the case, we deliver exceptional garage door repair. We'll examine every component of a garage door, including the garage openers, to get your door working again. Don't let something like a faulty garage door prevent you from parking in the safety of your own garage.

For an excellent residential or commercial garage door service, call us at Up & Down Doors and we'll resolve any parking nightmares you may have in Batavia, IL.